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Feel Better, Look Better and Live Better

Lose Weight, Look Better

Weight Loss should start with a life change.  Many products are out in the market, that promise miraculous changes.  However unless the person truly decides to make a life change, that consists of being dedicated to exercise and disciplined on food intake, most people fail to reach their weight loss goals.
Our video line-up provides realistic methods, anyone can implement, within the comfort of your own home.  Simply apply a dedicated mind, and truly embark on true change, and you will see results.
Along with our weight loss streaming video episodes, also check out our nutrition video line-up as well, which will provide you with food intake educational episodes.  WellnessPlus, is a complete psychical em-betterment membership.
Body by Becca
Fast Fat Burning Cardio
Weight Loss Blast
Full Body Sculpt & Tone
Lost 30 Lbs

“I have been able to workout 3 times a week without worrying about the right exercises to do. Your videos has helped me lose 30 pounds that 30 pounds closer to my goal. 30 pounds off me. Off my heart.”

Lost 45 Pounds

“Your videos about weight loss and healthy dieting are so helpful and important to me. I have finally lost my weight . From 53 to 43 kg. I’ve also learned which food are healthy and which are not. The healthy food tips from Corinna also allows me to tell my friends and family about healthy food.”

Helped To Tone Up

“I like to watch some to relax and help me sleep. I have hurt my back and need to get toned again so have saved and planed on using some of your yoga vids.”

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Feel Good In Your Body

If you are like us, then you love Yoga!  Our streaming line-up provides a vast range of Yoga poses, you can immediately start learning.  Rather you are new to Yoga, or are an experienced Yogi; WellnessPlus.TV will soon become your to-go place for Yoga episodes.
Experiencing Yoga with WellnessPlus,TV, will help nurture your Yoga strength and positioning.  We have many members who they, themselves are long-term Yogi masters, and they tell us, they continue to learn and master new poses with our membership.  Many, are currently utilizing these very poses, in their own classes.
So, grab your mats and let’s get this party started with WellnessPlus.TV
30 Days of Yoga
Complete Guide To Yoga
Yoga Pose Masterclass
Flexibility Yoga
Helped With Workout Routines

“They have helped me gain a basic understanding of yoga, different styles and workout routines. I like to watch the videos in my living room and follow along.”

Learn Yoga

“I am a beginner in Yoga and health and Physchetruth has help me tremendously by being very easy to learn yoga and having it be fun for me as well!”

Resolved Flexibility Issues

“I was involved in a vehicle accident the end of last year. Once my doctor allowed me to do so, I have been using your restorative yoga videos to relieve pain and get some flexibility back into my muscles.”

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Get The Figure You Always Wanted

Every woman would love to be able to walk out into the water and wear a bikini, while at the same time, feeling confident in her own skin.
WellnessPlus.TV has an awesome selection of video content, that provides you with fast-track methods, you can use to obtain the abs you desire.
Simply apply the work-outs to your exercise regimen, and within no time, you will see results.
10 Minute Ab Blast
30 Day Fab Abs Challenge
Intense Abs Burner
Complete Beginners Full Body Burn
Helped With Knee Injury

“Helped me in learning how to become more flexible after my knee injury, and how to live an active lifestyle in a body positive way. By body positive I mean promoting the health and overall condition of my body. I also appreciate the live chats every Wednesday to answer questions about fitness, healthy diet tips, yoga, and massage techniques.”

Helped With Back & Hip Pain

“YES!! Found psychetruth video Pilates thru my Amazon prime streaming membership. Am out of shape overweight sedentary with desk job. Back & hip pain every night & really don’t sleep well. The FIRST time I completed the Pilates w Julia Jarvis I felt better! Didn’t really do all the moves full out but it felt just amazing. Julia has a really soothing voice & the pace is perfect & she doesn’t yak a lot in that video. Some hosts chatter too much. Kinda not relaxing.”

Resolved Lower Back Pain

“I have very bad lower back problems so i use your videos to help stretch out my tense muscles and they work so well for me!! thank you so much for your videos. i have very bad social anxiety so i can’t go to a proper yoga class, so i use your videos to help!”

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Stream Health & Wellness Topics From Anywhere

9 Disciplines to Help You Feel Better, Look Better and Live Better

Lose Weight and Feel Great with Healthy Eating Habits

As the saying goes, we are, what we eat.  With the speed in which we live our lives, people tend to sacrifice well-balanced eating habits, for convenience eating.
Unfortunately, when we seek more convenient alternatives, we also accept the dangers that come with that choice.  Such as obesity, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, cardiovascular effects etc.  Our streaming line-up for nutrition is such a valuable part of our membership, as it provides simple meals, that your body will love you for eating.
Our meals are designed to provide your body to operate at its utmost ability, through the intake of vital nutrients the body needs. By taking the time to watch these episodes, they will provide you with a solid game plan; for conquering healthy eating habits.
Healthy Cooking
Clinical Nutrition
Healthy Alternatives
Take Control of your health & happiness
Helped With Food Choices

“It helps me make better food choices. Your smoothie recipe using cacao nibs, banana, dates and peanut butter is one of my favorite smoothie recipes.”

Helped With Proper Nutrition

“The psychetruth videos of how to make into becoming flexible, using stress relief exercises in order to accomplish all of the goals that I put in mind every single day. Additionally the videos have helped me understand my body and the nutrition needed to have a healthy body and mind.”

Nutrition & Healthy Receipes 

“Yes, your videos helped me. I like the videos about nutrition, healthy recipes and ideas what to eat and what not to eat. You really do a great job and give me a lot of motivation to live healthy. I am from Germany, that’s why i make some mistakes in english :)”

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Melt Away Stress

Meditation has been a go-to medium for natural healing of many physical ailments, since 1500 BCE.  By utilizing our mediation episodes, you will learn powerful techniques that can help provide relief from: Anxiety, Asthma, Cancer, Chronic Pain, Depression, Heart Disease, High Blood Pressure and much much more.
Our guided meditation will walk you through perfecting the art of meditation.  Tap into a higher realm, within the comfort of your own home, with WellnessPlus.TV.
Guided Mediation for relaxation
Guided Mediation
Guided Mediation For Relaxation
Yoga Calming Mediation
Increased Interest In Health & Wellness

“Great self-awareness of mind and body; increased interest in health and wellness”

Helps With Mind and Body Health

“I am always looking for self-improvement assistance. Your videos help with my mind and body health. (And I use Cristen Renee’s massage videos to fall asleep at night)”

Guided Meditation

“As an anxious teenage girl, sometimes your videos are the only thing that puts me to sleep at night, whether I do some guided meditation, some yoga, or even just watch someone else get a massage by one of your charismatic employees, it always helps. These videos allow me to free my mind and slow down enough to sleep, which is a blessing considering how much of a challenge it used to be.”

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Sleep Better and Overcome Insomnia

Sleep is essential for a person’s health and well being.  Life is a busy event, and with people’s continued pursuit of productivity; issues with sleep tend to affect millions of people, globally.
WellnessPlus.TV offers ASMR footage that enables people to fall into sleep, without the need of medication.  Rather the sound of soothing water flow, or the sound of hair being brushed; WellnessPlus.TV has the healthy alternative to sleep aid.
Simply tune into the sound that best appeals and aids your ability to relax. Then enjoy a natural way of gaining, a fantastic night of sleep.
ASMR Mouth Sounds
ASMR Health Tips
ASMR Whispers For Sleep & Relaxation
ASMR Hairbrushing
Resolved Insomnia

“I use the ASMR videos to overcome insomnia and the yoga videos to relax. Since I am in graduate school and applying to a PhD this sleep and relaxation is essential.”

Helps Sleep Issues

“I can finally sleep relaxed and peacefully. It will be a year since my grandpa has passed and ever since then I haven’t been able to sleep . Watching your videos, however, have given me a little bit sense of control of my sleep pattern.”

Helped Relaxation

“I started watching this channel because of the relaxation I have found watching the videos. Whether it’s asmr or yoga , they both have helped me extremely”

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Pain Relief Techniques For Yourself And Others

Sore muscles affect millions and millions of people, around the world.  Most cases of soreness are simply due to a lack of activity, however other cases are as a direct result of an injury.  
By utilizing our massage streaming line-up, you will learn healthy massage techniques that will improve muscle stillness & pain.  Even for those that have injuries can fully benefit from our massage tips and tricks.
We have many members who have watched our episodes, that are learning new techniques that allow them to provide massage, without damaging their hands.  So even if you are aversed massage therapist, there is much to learn with our membership.
So grab a massage partner, and learn fabulous, relaxing massage techniques; that will help soothe away those aches and pains.
Learned Massage Techniques

“I’m a massage therapist and I’ve learned a lot of different techniques from the massage videos . I also really enjoy Corrina’s nutritional videos .”

Resolved Tension Headaches

“I love your videos so much ! I have been subbed to PsycheTruth for YEARS! You guys have helped me with general well being, helping my tension headaches go away via stretching and yoga videos . I also watch a ton of Corina’s informational nutritional vids. I just love you guys.”

Resolved Cluster Headaches

“I suffer from cluster headaches, an extremely debilitating problem to have. Not only do a lot of the ASMR videos help me to relax, they also diminish the impact of these headaches. Side note: I’ve become also quite fluent with massage techniques.”

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Improve Your Health Naturally

Never before has there been a time we need to take a deep look at all medications, we put into our bodies.  With the growing greed of the pharmaceutical companies, we are constantly hearing about the unforeseen adverse reaction to medications.
We need to seek natural alternatives to traditional medications.  Nearly every aliment the body experiences, nature has a remedy, just waiting to be consumed.  Which provides natural healing, for issues, it was taken for. Natural alternative medicines are much safer. Best of all, you as the consumer knows exactly, what’s in it. 
Our Alternative Medicine line-up provides you with essential knowledge of how to embrace the healthy elements given to us from Earth itself.  
Self Care
Functional Medicine
Saved Sanity

“Greatly, crippling back, neck pain yoga videos are pure relief. Calming, quiet time with mediation videos have saved my sanity, they have given me hope and focus. The nutrition videos have been good, balanced and informative. The massage videos have helped both me and my husband, me with self care and my husband with back, neck and feet care. I come to this channel whenever I need some saving thoughts. Fabulous videos and great instructors.”

Loves Health Coach Responses

“I feel that your videos have helped me a great deal. I’ve recently been looking to create a healthier life for myself and your videos have been very informative and inspiring. I absolutely love the Ask A Health Coach Q&A videos . I’ve been learning SO much! So thank you very much for those.”

Loves The Interviews

“Yes. I love all the Psychetruth presenters, but I particularly come for Corrina. Her depth of knowledge is just invaluable to my growth. I’ve tried the Yoga videos (infrequently, but still have). The live chats are a bit wild and hard to get Corrina’s attention, so I stopped going. Love the interviews between Corrina and the experts (health, psychology, etc). I also frequently listen to the ASMR channel, particularly the pantyhose hauls (I can’t explain it, but something about the scratching sound just makes me feel so good). I learn plenty from the massage videos too, I often use the techniques on my mates and they absolutely love it.”

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How To Prolong Your Life With Wellness

What Is Wellness

The path to wellness is an active approach of being determined to usher change, within yourself.  It goes far beyond the standard of being merely healthy.  It is much deeper than that. True wellness encompasses the overall well being of you as a person.  Such as a strong state of physical, mental, social and overall satisfaction of life.

That is what makes us different than any other streaming service on the market today.  As we focus on improving the core, of you!  And not just one part of it.

Welcome to WellnessPlus.TV, the source that helps you achieve a state of complete well being.  We look forward to helping you on this transformation journey, to wellness.

Some Topics for Wellness

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Can Overall Wellness Be Good For You?

Overall Wellness
 saves lives, each and every day.  There is no shortage of troubles we face in life, but when we have a healthy outlook, it reduces the wear and tear that stress causes to the body.

When we feel happy about life, with a positive outlook being projected.  There is an energy that passes through us that others can feel.  It’s the reason we see happy people tend to attract or create happy and content company around their being. Wellness within a person is what drives these positive effects.

Wellness can help to lift your satisfaction of life; in an upwards path, that people around you will notice.

Some Topics for Improving Wellness

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Leading Causes of Death Worldwide

Almost 75 percent of all deaths are related to the 10 most common causes, with the top 3, being the reason for over 50% of all deaths.

Heart disease
Chronic Lower Respiratory Disease
Alzheimer’s Disease
Influenza and Pneumonia
Kidney Disease
Breast Cancer
Stomach Cancer

With most deaths that occur today, if a lifestyle change is implemented, many deaths could have been avoided, or prolonged.  For example with Heart Disease, you can immediately reduce your risk, by making the following changes in your life.

  • Stay at a healthy weight –  This is an immediate resolution you can experience with WellnessPlus, as you can quickly pick out which weight loss program appeals most to you, and dedicate yourself to doing the workouts daily.
  • Eat heart-healthy foods – With our nutrition video series can help get you on the right track with this requirement, to reduce your risk for heart disease.
  • Don’t smoke
  • Get regular exercise – Choose one of multiple exercise routines, and follow them, and you will reach this goal.
  • Maintain other health problems – Seeking treatment to keep your health at an optimum is vital.

It is a new year, so dedicate it, to a new you.  Utilize our library of health tools, to not only enrich your lives but improve your health.

Some Topics for Preventing Disease

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Warning Signs of Heart Disease

There are different types of heart disease; however there are some warning signs that may indicate you are experiencing heart disease issues.

In many cases, people feel the signs of heart issues, years before it becomes fatal.  So being aware of what to look for, can literally save your life.

Below are the most common signs:

  • Chest pain – Pain is our bodies ways of letting us know something is wrong, it’s best for us to listen to our bodies. If you are having chest pain, please tell your doctor, so that you can determine if there may be any issues with heart disease.
  • Swelling of legs, ankles or feet – Swelling is actually Edema. Typically this occurs in your lower legs.  This is due to non-optimum blood flow, or the flow has slowed.
  • Shortness of Breath – This symptom occurs when the heart can’t pump blood properly.
  • Coughing or Wheezing – This can indicate the building of fluid in your lungs.
  • Narrowed Blood Vessels – This sign is what causes stroke many of the times. Narrowed Blood Vessels, is a dangerous sign, and can indicate you have a heightened chance of heart attack.
  • Fatigue – This can directly be an underlying symptom of a more serious condition. If you tend to feel fatigue with doing just normal daily activities, then you should check with your doctor.

Love yourself, and start today with planning a healthy nutrition plan for you and your family.  WellnessPlus.TV can help you!

Some Topics for Preventing Heart Disease

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Chemical Medications and Side Effects

Unfortunately, many prescribed medications that are consumed by people, globally today, run the risk of major side effects to the patient.  It is best to do your due diligence, to learn about the medications that you intake.  Prior to committing yourself to a chemical remedy, you should also consider looking up the herbal alternative.  When you go with an herbal remedy version, you typically will not see side effects that are common with pharmaceutical chemical driven products.

In general, we as people need to assume the duty of making sure any medication that is ingested is safe, and will not cause you any side effects, that you are not willing to experience.

Some Topics for Alternative Health

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Blood Pressure and its Effects

High blood pressure (hypertension) even though for years can be quiet.  If it goes untreated, it can cause such damage as a heart attack, or stroke.  In many cases, changing food intake and being dedicate to an exercise regimen, these affects can be improved.

However, a person needs to be dedicated to change, in order for them to truly stick with the change.  Damage of our bodily function doesn’t happen overnight.  Repairing this damage will also take time.  So if you are showing signs or have already been diagnosed as having high blood pressure, you should seriously consider making the necessary life changes.

WellnessPlus can help get you on the right track, with the combination of our fitness series and nutrition series.  Get started on healing, today!

Some Topics for Blood Pressure Improvement

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Can Sleep Deprivation Effect You?

Sleep is more important, that you may think.  It is recommended to get 7 to 9 hours of sleep per night, and for good reason.  When a person does not get enough sleep, they will be groggy and may experience problems with focus, and more.  But the effects do not stop there.  With a pro-longed issue with a lack of sleep, some serious health issues can develop.  Below is a list of the most common health impacts, which pro-longed sleep deprivation can cause.

• Trouble with thinking and concentration

• Memory issues

• Accidents

• Mood changes

• High blood pressure

• Weakened immunity

• Weight gain or loss

• Risk for diabetes

• Low sex drive

• Risk of heart disease

• Poor balance

Some Topics for Improving Sleep

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Why Is Happy, Attractive?

The Power of Smile

When we walk along the street and are graced with someone’s large smile, it tends to provide a reaction within ourselves of a either a returned smile or heightened mood that happens.

Just as yawns are contagious, so are smiles.  This may explain why people tend to be attracted to happy people.  As just like the saying goes, “You are the company you keep”.  So when we maintain company with people who are negative and draining, it provides the same type of result to our person.

So when we hold company with people who have a positive mind, we ourselves tend to have more positive outlooks and dispositions.

Being happy is one of the highest sought goals of mankind, and through wellness, we can achieve this feat.  By having a healthy body & mental balance, we are equipped with the tools needed to maintain troubles that afflict us.

At WellnessPlus.TV, we not only focus on the strengthening of the body but also provide episodes that are directly structured to improve mental balance. 

Try us out for 7 days, and then you decide for yourself if you see the value in what our service provides.  As our service well outweighs just fitness, it provides resources for life.

Some Topics To Stay Healthy

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People Consider Happy People, Sexy

A happy demeanor about one’s self, is for sure, and attractive trait that the opposite sex noticesHappy is infectious, and when a person is looking for a companion, they would prefer to be with someone that will make home life happy & healthy.

So yes, being happy is considered to be a sexy trait.  Typically when someone is happy, they laugh more, and live life to the fullest.  This is also a sexy trait, in which will get noticed by a person of the opposite sex.

They tend to notice the great things about life, and quickly resolve negatives.  Again, this is an attractive, trait.  We understand, these dynamics, and have an entire line-up, that provides tools for any person to utilize that will help you maintain your happiness and balance.

So sign up today with WellnessPlus.TV, and utilize all available episodes that we have within our library, to improve your health.  Plus, on top of the fitness episodes, we also have many episodes to improve your health, & mental state with our meditation and yoga programs.

Some Topics for Staying Sexy

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Healthy & Happy

It is important for us all to focus on our health.  Happiness & health is a great combination to shoot for.  As with health, it enables us to live and enjoy the happiness we feel, much longer.

WellnessPlus.TV focuses on both, as both elements are so very important.  Our service, provides episodes that encompass: fitness, flexibility, nutrition, mediation, alternative health and much more.

If your health and happiness is of high regard to you, then you owe it to yourself, to at least try our service.  Literally at the price of less than a gumball per day,  you will have a huge range of video episodes that you can immediately start to implement in your life.

Being healthy & happy is obtainable, we simply help you maintain it.

Some Topics for Staying Healthy & Happy

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Seize Healthy Living

Finding Time To Be Active

We live in times, where our lives are so busy.  Sometimes it may seem to be an impossible task to find the time, to dedicate towards healthy activity.  Leading an active life should be scheduled within our lives, as a standard part of our days.

As through that dedication, your body will love you for it.  Through activity, your body is experiencing cardio benefits, social benefits and mental health benefits.

With WellnessPlus.TV, we understand the importance of activity.  We have a fantastic line-up that you can apply to your dedicated time you tend to spend on activity.  Our line-up covers Yoga, Fitness, Weight Loss and Meditation that can be used to knock out your activity for the day.

Try us out, with our Free 7-Day trial, today.

Some Topics for Staying Active

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Making Fitness a Way of Life

If fitness is not yet part of your daily life, you should really consider making it a part of your daily life, in the near future.  Being fit provides our bodies with the necessary strength to endure life, and life stresses, much easier.

Most diseases that kill people every year, can be prevented with a healthy schedule of fitness, to be included as a part of our daily lives.

WellnessPlus.TV has a huge selection of episodes that will provide you, with tons of options to implement for your fitness regimen.

Our line-up covers Fitness, Weight Loss, Yoga, Meditation and more, that you can immediately have access to.

It’s free to try, so sign-up for our free 7-Day trial today, and put our streaming line-up to work for you.

Some Topics for Keeping Fit

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Establish Healthy Sleep Habits

If you are one of the millions of people who suffers from a lack or inability to sustain sleep; you are not alone.

Fortunately there are natural ways you can combat the issue of sleepless nights without becoming dependent on dangerous sleep medication.

WellnessPlus.TV has a great selection of ASMR episodes, in which use the effects of sound, to relax and sooth the audience.  This provides people with the ability to fall into sleep, naturally.

We have used several sounds such as hair brushing, whispering, rubbing of ears etc.  They are naturally soothing sounds, that enables us to relax our minds, well enough, that allows for sleep to occur.

There are thousands upon thousands of people who are chemically dependent on sleep medications throughout the world.  Being addicted to sleep medication denies the body the natural coping mechanisms of soothing one’s self in prep for sleep.

WellnessPlus.TV understand the dangers that come with the inability to sleep.  We understand even more, of how dangerous it is when people can not experience sleep without it being a chemically induced.

Which is why we have created these episodes, therefore providing our members with a natural alternative.

Try us out, absolutely FREE for 7-Days and see for yourself, if you find our ASMR episodes helpful.

Some Topics for Improving Sleep Habits

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Nutrition For Busy Lifestyles

Food intake is an important part of wellness.  As just like the saying goes “we are, what we eat”.

WellnessPlus.TV has a wide range of episodes that go over the benefits of nutrition.  We also provide you with simple meals that are loaded with nutrition you need, without spending a lot of time preparing them.

From healthy snack wrap to hulk smoothies, we have the nutrition line-up that will get you and your family looking forward to what’s the next menu item.

Within our nutrition line-up we have personal interviews with professional nutritionist, that discuss the importance of proper food in-take.

After all, if you are going to spend the time working out, its best to be up to par with your food intake.  As to get the most out of your efforts.

Try WellnessPlus out for FREE with our 7-Day trial.

Then you can see for yourself the value in our full health and nutrition video episode line-up.

Some Topics for Great Nutrition

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